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Lions, Leopards, and Storms, Oh My!

A book for children. Lily and Niko Rabbit are at childcare when the weather changes and a thunderstorm strikes. One of the children’s parents is a meteorologist and he talks with the children about thunderstorms. They learn about severe weather events like thunderstorms … Read More…

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Be Prepared for Severe Weather, iAlert.com Can Help

Tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, flash floods, and other severe weather events can happen anywhere and at any time. iAlert.com helps individuals and companies protect life and property.? Learn more at iAlert.com

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Home Sheltering From a Tornado

Do you know your safe place? If a tornado warning is issued, you won’t have much time to find shelter. Do you know your safe place??Get to the lowest level, find an interior room with no windows, put as many walls between you … Read More…

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Severe weather develops quickly, how will you know it’s coming?

Tornadoes and Severe Thunderstorms develops quickly and every second counts to seek shelter.  Sign-up for email and text alerts before the storm.  Learn more at http://iAlert.com or review all iAlert weather alert services at http://iAlert.com/services Related Links: iAlert.com Services iAlert.com Group Account Manager – … Read More…

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Flood Safety: After a Flood

When flood waters recede, the damage left behind can be devastating and present many dangers. Images of flood destruction depict destroyed homes and buildings, damaged possessions, and decimated roadways. However, what you can’t see can be just as dangerous. Floodwaters often become contaminated … Read More…

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Flood Safety: During a Flood

During a flood, water levels and the rate the water is flowing can quickly change. Remain aware and monitor local radio and television outlets. Avoid flood waters at all costs and evacuate immediately when water starts to rise. Don’t wait until it’s too … Read More…

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