Weather Services For Business

Mitigating Weather-Related Risk

How Does Weather Impact You?

Whether you operate a single store front, office location, multiple remote locations, or a fleet in the field weather impacts the safety of your employees and effectiveness of your business. iAlert offers unique weather forecast and alert notification services specific for business. Protect your workforce with centrally managed real-time weather alerts that meet your specific needs.

Services to Mitigate Weather-Related Risks

Severe Weather Alerts
by "City":

Severe weather alerts for selected city locations
by email and text message.

Severe Weather Alerts
by "Event":

Every tornado, severe thunderstorm, flash flood warning alert
nationwide/ state by email and text message.

Impact Weather "Observation"
Alert Monitoring:

Email and text alerts when selected wind, temperature, heat
index, wind chill, and more are reached.

Daily weather forecast:

Morning daily weather forecast for selected city locations.

Storm Report Alert

Receive storm reports for up to 62 different event types in real-time by email and text message.

Impact Weather "Forecast"
Alert Monitoring:

Hourly breakdown when select wind, temperature, heat index, wind chill and more is forecast in a 24 hour period. When the general forecast isn't enough and specific forecast details matter!

Custom Built Weather Alerts:

With inhouse meteorologists and software developers we can do it faster and for less cost than you think.

Weather Consulting:

Need direct access to one of our meteorologists?