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Observation Alert Monitoring

Current weather conditions are monitored at thousands of weather stations and email/text alerts sent when your select temperature, dew point, windchill, heat index, wind speed, visibility and/or hourly rainfall criteria are reached. Additionally, alerts can be received when a station reports tornado, thunderstorm, lightning, hail, rain, snow, freezing rain, fog, smoke, and/or volcanic ash.

Service Includes:

  • Online account management
  • Real-time monitoring and alert notification of nearly 2000 U.S. weather stations
  • Alert notification by email and text message
  • View configuration panel for criteria alert options [Click Here]
  • The type of monitoring alerts are customizable to fit your needs

Example Alert Options:

  • Wind speed is greater than equal (>=) 25 MPH to protect a job site
  • Temperature drops below freezing, (<) 32 F to protect plants
  • Heat index rises above (>) 100F to take precautions at sporting events
  • When lightning is observed at the reporting station

Service Use Includes:

  • Disaster Relief Services
  • Construction Companies and General Contractors
  • Landscaping and snow removal services
  • Sporting events and sport venues
  • Utility companies
  • Agricultural industry
  • and many more services and industries impacted by weather

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