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Forecast Alert Monitoring

Get email and text message alerts when select temperature, heat index, wind chill, dew point, wind speed, wind direction, or relative humidity are forecast in a 36 hour period.

Service Includes:

  • Online account management
  • Select multiple forecast locations
  • up to 36 hour forecast range
  • Define time range and forecast criteria for alerts. (Example, send alert at 4am if forecast low tomorrow is 32F or below)
  • Forecast alerts by email and/or text message
  • Forecast parameter options include: 1) Temperature, 2) Wind Chill, 3) Heat Index, 4) Dew Point, 5) Wind Speed, 6) Wind Direction, 7) Relative Humidity
  • Sample Forecast Alert: Click Here
  • Need a daily weather forecast instead? Click here

Example Alert Options:

  • Forecast wind speed is greater than equal (>=) 25 MPH to protect a job site
  • Forecast temperature drop below freezing, (<) 32 F to protect plants
  • Forecast heat index rises above (>) 100F to take precautions at sporting events

Service Use Includes:

  • Disaster Relief Services
  • Construction Companies and General Contractors
  • Landscaping and snow removal services
  • Sporting events and sport venues
  • Utility companies
  • Agricultural industry
  • and many more services and industries impacted by weather

For enterprise licensing contact support at

Need a weather data API access? This is offered at

Price $25.00/month