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Earn reward badges as an News Reporter!  Badges are earned based on how you use the news reporting service.  For example badges are earned on the number of posts, popularity of your posts, recognition of posts by other members, and more.

New badges are added frequently, some are easy to obtain, others very few will receive. You cannot earn badges unless you post, so get to it! [Sign-up] [Login]


List of earned News Reporter badges

First New Posting Badge A badge for your first post. Congratulations! New Reporter 5 Postings Badge Earn your 5 posting badge. It’s harder than you think News Reporter 10 Posting Badge Congratulations you have posted 10 News Reports! News Reporter Premium Membership Badge You’re a premium member, thank you! You hold higher status over others on News Reporter Premium Membership Badge Most active community member. A badge rarely given to most active members who post numerous news articles, numerous comments, and who brings new members to the community


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