Direct Advertising on

Direct Advertising on

Advertising on offers low cost direct advertising on millions of iAlert web pages and millions of event driven weather alerts by email and text message. We believe in the value of direct advertising on iAlert so much your initial deposit is matched, doubling your advertising power right out of the gate!

Low cost, high quality, U.S. targeted pay-per-click advertising. Stop overpaying with broker advertising service like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Advertise direct on

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Ads in Email
Weather Alerts:

Nearly 1 million email alerts have been sent, without your Ad in it.


Ads in Text Message
Weather Alerts:

Nearly 1 million text message alerts have been sent, a link to your web page can be included.

Ads on
iAlert Web Pages:

iAlert has over 120 million web pages and with one Ad you are on all of them.


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