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How To Get Severe Weather Text Alerts to Mobile Phone

Government officials across the country issue local homeland security alerts on a regular basis to inform and protect the people of United States. Yes, that’s right, on any given day there are thousands of hazardous weather and civil emergency alerts issued so you can take the necessary precautions to protect you, your loved ones, and your property.
Homeland Security Alerts - Emergency Prepared

Think for a minute. How you would hear of a tornado warning, severe thunderstorm warning, or civil emergency in your local area? The common answer is by radio and TV, right? Still good sources of information, however do you use satellite radio or watch national news? If so you are likely not to get timely local and targeted alerts in your city or location if at all. How about at a local sporting event or at your child’s soccer game?

Let me introduce you to iAlert was created to reliably deliver Official Government alerts “directly to you” by SMS text message to your mobile phone, email, or by search form the website. No longer do you need to seek out timely reliable sources of local information on impending hazards, delivers alerts to you in real time!

Here is an example of the type of alerts you will receive from

  • Severe Weather: Severe Thunderstorm and Tornado
  • Winter Weather: Blizzard, Snow, Winter Storm, Winter Weather, Ice Storm, Avalanche
  • Flooding: Flash Flood, Flood, Areal Flood
  • Fire Weather: Red Flag, Rangeland Fire Danger
  • Marine Weather: Lake Wind, Marine, Small Craft, Hazardous Seas
  • Coastal Hazards: Tsunami, Coastal Flooding, High Surf
  • Tropical Weather: Hurricane, Tropical Storm, Hurricane Winds
  • Aviation: Aviation Weather Warnings
  • Non-Precipitation: High Wind, Fog, Frost, Freeze, Dust
  • Civil Emergency: 911 Outage, Evacuation, HazMat, Nuclear, Volcano
  • Click here for complete list of all hazard types you can select to receive

From your membership account you have all the configuration tools to manage which alerts to receive and how you want to receive them. Sign-up today.

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