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What mobile phone carriers does iAlert support to receive all hazard text alerts? provides two options to receive local hazardous alerts such as severe thunderstorm warnings, tornado warnings, civil emergency messages, and more… email and/or by SMS text message to your mobile phone. ?As of January 2015 All major U.S. Mobile Carriers now work with iAlert SMS/Texting services. ?If you do not find your mobile carrier in the configuration list simply select “other”

Additionally, any mobile phone capable of receiving text messages can be used with In other words you do not have to have a smartphone like an iPhone or Droid….however experience is always better with smartphones.

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NOTE:? Depending on your mobile plan, some companies charge for each text received and it is always recommended you sign-up for unlimited text messaging through your mobile company when using Any text message charges received on your mobile bill are between you and your mobile company and not is not directly connected to your mobile bill or mobile company.

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