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iAlert Services LLC Enhances Weather Alert Notification Services with the Launch of

iAlert Services LLC ( made a key addition to their service portfolio by introducing, a new service that provides members low cost and highly reliable API access to current and historical weather data for apps and systems.

December 13, 2017

iAlert Services LLC, a leading provider of weather forecast and weather alert notification services is pleased to announce the launch of their new service platform For over 10 years, iAlert has delivered tailor-made weather alert notification services for individuals, businesses, and disaster relief organizations. The company’s new service was designed to provide low cost and highly reliable API access to current and historical weather data for apps and systems. users have access to the latest and historical weather forecasts, current weather observations, storm reports, and severe weather alerts across the United States. Developers will be able to utilize this new service to gain direct and real-time access to feed applications and systems with needed weather data. will also provide API access to nearly thirty thousand city and state locations by zip code, relieving developers from having to create and maintain a location database.

API Services offered by include:

  • Weather Observations API: Direct access to pull current and historical weather observation data returning weather elements in JSON or XML formats. [Full Description] [Format]
  • Weather Forecast API: Direct access to pull hourly weather forecast data returning weather elements in JSON or XML formats. [Full Description] [Format]
  • Severe Weather Alerts API: Direct access to pull real-time active and historical National Weather Service (NWS) issued severe weather alerts. [Full Description] [Format]
  • Geolocation Search API: Direct access to pull U.S. city, state, zip code, latitude/longitude, and timezone location data. Don’t build a location database, use ours! [Full Description] [Format]
  • Storm Reports API: Direct access to pull real-time and historical storm report data in JSON, XML, or map plotted for human analysis. [Full Description] [Format] is the creation of Mark McInerney, the founder of and chief meteorologist with over twenty five years of experience in weather forecasting. “Here at iAlert we deeply care about our mission to protect life and property.” Mark stated.  “We are excited about the launch of adding the capability to pull weather data  through APIs supporting apps and systems, a complement to that pushes weather alerts to members by email, text message, and social media.  App developers now have low cost and highly reliable access to weather data.” offers a free 30 days trial for all weather data feeds. To sign-up go to



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