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Construction Site Real-Time Weather Monitoring and Alert Notification

Cold Construction

The weather forecast and real-time weather conditions are critically important for on-site construction safety and planning. iAlert supports construction site safety by sending the the daily forecast, real-time weather alerts,?and real-time severe weather alerts by email or text message based on your needs. All iAlert services can be reviewed at “ weather alert services“.

Additionally we offer Group Account Manager services which is a centralized management solution for you to manage desired weather alerts for any number of people in your organization. Very popular service for companies who have remote work locations or a fleet of personnel impacted by rapidly changing weather conditions.

For real-time weather condition monitoring and alert notification iAlert offers two solutions: 1) on-site weather systems with custom quotes obtained by contacting us at, and 2) self-serve weather monitoring and alert notification of over 2000 surface observing systems across the U.S. further explained below:

Weather observation across the U.S.

iAlert monitors thousands of U.S. weather observation stations in real-time and sends alerts when your select criteria is reached.? Because weather is regional (i.e., weather same here as around the block) and with so many observing stations this service is an effective low cost solution for many job sites. Service Includes

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