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Pinpoint Storm Damage Reports | Helping Homeowners in Need of Home & Roof Repairs

When a home is damaged by severe weather it is important to have repairs done right, but also done quickly.  Many homeowners have faced this situation and iAlert wanted to do something that helped bring homeowners and contractors together to expedite home repairs. introduces “Storm Report Monitoring and Alert Notification Services”  providing pinpoint (latitude/longitude) storm damage reports for hail, wind, and more through email and text message alerts helping contractors locate homeowners in need of repairs, by city, county, state, or national locations.  Also offered are severe weather alerts by email and text message for tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, high winds, and more to protect workers at constructions sites.

iAlert services are operated by a former National Weather Service Meteorologist (NWS), NWS National Watch Warning Advisory Dissemination Lead, are low cost, highly reliable, and instantly accessed at

iAlert’s notification services are operationally used by Disaster Relief Services such as The Salvation Army, emergency managers, multiple state governments, as well as individuals in federal service to receive weather and emergency alerts by email and text message.  For detail about iAlert services select the links below:

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