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How Prepared are You for Winter Storms?


Blizzards, ice storms, Nor’easters and freezing  cold – winter can be a killer.  The season can have a huge impact on travel, schools, businesses and health.  Just look at what happen to Buffalo recently, where people were trapped at home and in their cars due to snow measured by the foot.  Or the Thanksgiving Nor’easter that disrupted the busiest travel day of the year and left more than 400,000 people without power in the northeast.  Don’t let winter hazards catch you unprepared.  Follow these simple steps  to stay safe this winter

Know your risk – Check the forecast before you leave the house.  Familiarize yourself with watches, warnings and advisories so you know what to do when the National Weather Service issues one for your area

Take Action – Make sure you have an emergency supplies kit in both your home and car.  If possible, avoid leaving your home if hazardous winter weather is approaching.  If you must leave, make sure you are dressed for the elements and that your mobile phone is fully charged.  If it’s too cold for you to be outside, it’s also too cold for pets.  Make sure to provide a warm, dry place for any animals that typically stay outdoors.

Be a Force of Nature – Set an example and others will follow.  Take to social media to post about approaching hazardous weather and tell your family and friends how you are preparing.  Call friends, family and neighbors to alert them to dangers and encourage them to get ready for the storm.  After the storm passes, check on your loved ones and Neighbors.  Offer assistance where you can, especially to the elderly who are particularly vulnerable.  Be a Force of Nature in your home town.

Winter weather can be deadly. But with a few simple steps, you can stay safe. Learn more to protect you and your family from dangerous winter weather conditions. Download the Winter Storm Preparedness Guide and include weather alert services in your preparedness plans

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