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What type of alerts can I receive with proudly supports “All Hazard” alerts from severe thunderstorm, tornado warnings, and civil emergency messages as issued by federal, state, and local authorities. Learn how you can receive any or all of these alerts by text message or email….click here.

Severe Weather and Emergency Alert Products (View Active Alerts):

  • Winter Weather (View Active Winter Weather Alerts)

    • Winter Storm (Watch/Warning)
    • Blizzard (Watch/Warning)
    • Snow and Blowing Snow Advisory
    • Heavy Snow Warning
    • Winter Weather Advisory
    • Avalanche (Watch/Warning)
    • Freezing Fog Advisory
    • Lake Effect Snow (Watch/Warning/Advisory)
    • Lake Effect Snow and Blowing Snow Advisory
    • Freezing Rain Advisory
    • Freezing Drizzle Advisory
    • Ice Storm Warning
    • Sleet (Warning/Advisory)
  • Marine Weather (View Active Marine Weather Alerts) — Temporarily suspended for software upgrade

    • Small Craft Advisory
    • Gale (Watch/Warning)
    • Storm Warning
    • Marine Weather Statement
    • Special Marine Warning
    • Lake Wind
    • Hazardous Seas (Watch/Warning)
    • Freezing Spray Advisory
    • Heavy Freezing Spray (Watch/Warning)
  • Coastal (View Active Coastal Alerts)

    • Coastal Flood (Watch/Warning/Advisory/Statement)
    • Beach Hazards Statement
    • Lake Shore Flood
    • High Surf (Advisory/Warning)
    • Rip Current Statement
    • Tsunami (Watch/Warning/Advisory)
  • Non-Precipitation Weather (View Non-Precipitation Weather Alerts)

    • Wind Advisory
    • High Wind (Watch/Warning)
    • Extreme Wind Warning
    • Brisk Wind Advisory
    • Lake Wind Advisory
    • Dense Fog Advisory
    • Frost Advisory
    • Freeze (Watch/Warning)
    • Hard Freeze (Watch/Warning)
    • Air Quality Alert
    • Air Stagnation Advisory
    • Heat Advisory
    • Excessive Heat (Watch/Warning)
    • Wind Chill (Watch/Warning/Advisory)
    • Extreme Cold (Watch/Warning)
    • Volcano Warning
    • Volcanic Ashfall (Advisory/Warning)
    • Blowing Dust Advisory
    • Dust Storm Warning
    • Dense Smoke Advisory
    • Earthquake Warning
  • Civil Emergency (View Active Civil Emergency Alerts)

    • Civil Emergency Message
    • Civil Danger Warning
    • Evacuation Immediate
    • 911 Telephone Outage
    • Hazardous Materials Warning
    • Child Abduction Emergency (Amber Alert)
    • Law Enforcement Warning
    • Local Area Emergency
    • Low Water Advisory
    • Nuclear Power Plant Warning
    • Radiological Hazard Warning
    • Shelter In Place Warning

Learn how you can receive any or all of these alerts by text message or email….click here.

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